CodyCross Water Park Group 759 Puzzle 1 answer


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CodyCross Water Park Group 759 Puzzle 1

Sweet dessert food made from roasted beans


Tiny, dinky, miniature

pint  sized

Entry paid to get into an attraction


To promote a product


Sam __, director of violent Westerns with slo-mo


Done as a knee-jerk reaction

on  impulse

Literary awards for science fiction

hugo  award

Ship tilting dangerously


Lasting longer than usual


Venomous snakes like copperheads and rattlesnakes

pit  vipers

Energetic, hand-held dance form to swing music


Loft, storage area in the attic of a house

roof  space

Hoarseness rendering a person unable to speak

lost  voice

Literary gong for science fiction

hugo  award

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