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CodyCross Water Park Group 750 Puzzle 2

Flame __, substance that slows the spread of fire


Erasure EP featuring covers of SOS and Voulez-Vous


London art gallery of the Young British Artists

white  cube

Variety entertainment shows of the Victorian era

music  hall

Spider who hyped up her pig friend


Expressing passionate grief


Person who reads scripts to introduce radio shows


A chart of planetary placements during an event


Done in a badly behaved way


Keith Waterhouse play about a daydreamer

billy  liar

Vintage playthings

retro  toys

Protuberance, extra extremity


PCs or other data processors


When a wound goes bad if not kept clean


Yowling, howling sound of felines


Kent mansion, grace-and-favour home of Foreign Sec


A superfood, tiny black pods from salvia hispanica

chia  seeds

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