CodyCross Water Park Group 748 Puzzle 2 answer


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CodyCross Water Park Group 748 Puzzle 2

Exploding colors for evening spectacle


Fear of bees


Person who rummages through rubbish


Degree of plushness of a pet cat, say


Leonardo’s “angled” invention used on canal gates

mitre  lock

Having sudden, fanciful or odd ideas


Film director responsible for American Beauty

sam  mendes

Alternative name for Shakespeare’s Henry V

prince  hal

In a soft voice or under one’s breath

sotto  voce

Cushioned bottom of a 50s brothel creeper

crepe  sole

Skilled business negotiator


Toothed circle that engages with a bike’s links


Actress star of Barbarella

jane  fonda

Good Golly __, Little’s Richard’s keyboard classic

miss  molly

You’re extremely happy on this numbered cumulus

cloud  nine

Study of botanical plants for healing and medicine


Those who grace Shakespeare’s stage, for example


Undersea cartoon character with a red tie


Also known as a record player


Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale had this protagonist

james  bond

Adobe software for processing and editing photos


Tourist island south of Cape Cod


Hannibal took them over the Alps


Something that is chewed and then inflated


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