CodyCross The 80s Group 786 Puzzle 3 answer


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Find all the solutions and answers of the game Codycross and overcome all levels of the game, a game that takes the world of crosswords to another limit, and that is that when we thought we had seen it all, we have Codycross a game that will make us move forward, learning and having fun in each of the levels and phases that are presented to us.

CodyCross The 80s Group 786 Puzzle 3

French cooking method to create creamy meat stews


Farm tool that the devil holds


Type of work like a dictionary or thesaurus


Design for tresses on the head


Resign from a position, call it a day

stand  down

Day of the week that’s an Addams Family girl


Severe thunderstorm, with name like a battery


Lemon Chiffon was a friend of this Strawberry


Leisure hours not spent working

spare  time

Graph or chart that uses symbols


Horizon spot on a 2D drawing: __ point


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