CodyCross The 80s Group 783 Puzzle 4 answer


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CodyCross The 80s Group 783 Puzzle 4

Capital of the UAE

abu  dhabi

Billy __; Miley’s dad, with an Achy Breaky Heart

ray  cyrus

McDonald’s ice cream dessert


Routine of products to treat and protect the face


Alan Moore comic series with Ozymandias


Top-earning musical in Broadway box office history

lion  king

Presidential part of the White House

west  wing

Anne __, won an Oscar for Les Miserables


Going to bed and resting with the eyes closed


Constantly updating list of stories on Facebook


Two-player card game with alcoholic name

gin  rummy

Plant where coconuts grow

palm  tree

Governor of the Bastille, killed in the revolt

de  launay

__ Stein, her Paris salon was a mecca for writers


Straight line across middle of a circle


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