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CodyCross Brazilian Tour Group 780 Puzzle 1

Star, famous person


Friend of King Richard and robber of the rich

robin  hood

Big old nag used to pulling wheeled vehicles


The essential skeleton of a building


A feeling of losing your balance for a moment


Brewer, sponsor of global yacht race before Volvo


Cylindrical sponge with jam filling

swiss  roll

A sudden change of perspective; to open one’s eyes


Fancy dishware only used on special occasions

fine  china

Listen Without __ Vol 1; 1990 George Michael album


Pseudonym with same initials for Emily Brontë

ellis  bell

The quality of gaining knowledge from feelings


Squid-headed sailors’ devil from bottom of the sea

davy  jones

Move towards, be attracted to someone


What pops up when characters have an idea

light  bulb

Change to a lower gear or simpler way of life


Work out sums, do subtractions, assess weight, etc


Person who understands without conscious reasoning


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